Our Winning Management Solution

After years in the OnlyFans Management business we have streamlined our agency to offer our clients high performing  management services with minimum effort and excellent support from experts. 

1. Guided Content

Our team guides you on exactly what content to shoot so you can improve earnings with your OnlyFans account. This is your only job...

2. Revenue Formula

We implement our growth formula which consists of psychology and time-tested strategies to earn more from your Fans

3. Marketing Formula

We are on top of all the latest marketing trends to get your account booming. We do all the research, implementation and take advantage of social media platforms

4. Daily Management

We manage your profile and take care of everything from A to Z so you can focus on making amazing content while we grow your brand

OnlyFans Isn't Easy

Super Competitive

There are more than 2 million different creators on OnlyFans. How do you standout and keep subscribers?

No Strategy​

Most creators don't have a plan. They post content and hope to grow which doesn't work.

No Time

Don’t have time to post and answers fan messages to keep fans paying and engaged.

No Ideas

Running out of ideas for content and loosing your fans interest is a sure way to no grow and make money

No Engagement

Keeping your fans engaged and paying is not easy. Too often models lose fans and money

What Do We Do?

Do you feel stuck and not making enough money? We will fix that…


In short, you create content and we take care of everything else. 

Who Do We Work With?

Unlike agencies that only work with female creators, we work with anyone and every one based in Australia! Female, Gay, Bi, Trans, Lesbian 🏳️‍🌈 

What Makes Azzur Superior

Azzur Agency Is A Leader In The OnlyFans Management Space Because We Have Been In The Space Before Management Was A Known Industry. We Are The Agency Behind Some Of The Biggest OnlyFans Creators in Australia. We Pride Our Agency On Offering Professional, Reliable And Quality Services. 

“We Say No To Creators More Than We Say Yes…. If You Are Managed By Azzur You Are Among The Top Tier Creators”

In House Team




Last 90 Days Statistics For One Of Our Brisbane Based Creators

We know what works.

Our marketing team had tried and tested every OnlyFans promotion strategies. We know what works and make it easy for you to  to gain viral exposure via step by step processes

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