how much commission do onlyfans managers charge

How Much Commission Do OnlyFans Managers Take?

OnlyFans managers typically take a percentage of the earnings made by the creators or performers they represent. The exact percentage can vary, but it is typically around 30-60%. This percentage is often negotiable and can depend on the services provided by the manager.

In return for the commission, OnlyFans managers often provide a range of services to help creators and performers build and grow their fan base on the platform. These services can include:

  • Marketing: Managers can help promote creators and performers on various platforms, such as social media, to attract new fans and increase visibility.
  • Content Creation: Managers can also help with content creation, such as taking photos and videos, editing, and providing feedback on content.
  • Customer Service: Managers can help with customer service, including answering messages, addressing customer concerns, and managing refunds.
  • Monetization: Managers can also help creators and performers monetize their content, such as by setting up paid subscriptions and fan clubs, or by creating merchandise.
  • Business and Legal Advice: Managers can also provide advice on business and legal matters, such as contract negotiations and protecting intellectual property.

It’s worth noting that there are OnlyFans managers who provide different levels of service, some of them only help with marketing, others can help with all of the listed above. The commission can also vary depending on the scope of the service provided.

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