OnlyFans Management is one of the fastest growing social service industries, join an agency that is a leader and will provide you a clear path to success. 

Our team has been in your position before. A hype industry that you can grow in and achieve success but you just don’t know where to start and what to do. 

Avoid the mistake our founders have made over the years and learn from the best by becoming an agent with Auzzur Agency. 

Current roles

Talent Agent 

  • Are you motivated and looking to become a talent agent for Azzur Agency? Learn the ins and outs of the OnlyFans Management business and manage creator accounts
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Marketing & Growth Hacker 

  • We are looking for someone who has marketing experience and is focused on driving subscribers to creator accounts via marketing channels. Have access to funds, top creators and a motivated team.
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What do we provide

1. Training

Get access to training models directly from our founders and managers to learn everything there is to know about onlyFans management

2. Model access

"Don't spend months setting up your own agency, reaching out to models with no responses. We give you direct access to vetted creators that suit your training level

3. On-Going Support

Have a question while managing your creators account? reach out to our experts 24/7 for answers. Enjoy weekly debrief calls about your work and get constructive advice.

4. Revenue Split

While we help you build your skills and make money on your creator's account, you will be earning a competitive share of the net revenue you make from the account

5. Azzur Branding

Work under the azzur agency branding, enjoy all our software, templates and processes we have built over the year. With no upfront cost or risk to you

We require


Who Do We Work With?

Anyone Who Is Willing To Put In The Work, Learn And Improve

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