The sex industry has survived—and often thrived—through countless wars and depressions. While subscription-based sex work may struggle in our current economy, in-person sex work doesn’t appear to be as impacted.

Adult performer, content creator and professional dom King Noire, from Tampa, Florida, has been working in the adult entertainment industry for more than a decade. Noire films studio porn productions along with creating content for his own site. He also offers in-person and virtual BDSM training sessions, mostly with couples. Noire said bookings for his in-person classes haven’t changed substantially, though more people book online versus in person.

“People are still looking for connection,” Noire explained. “There have been more requests for in-depth sessions.”

Fellow adult entertainer Richards currently provides only online services, but he has seen a small increase in the number of people requesting in-person sessions. Like Noire, he credits the ongoing steady demand for sex work to the human yearning for escapism during times of stress.

“I would argue that during times of economic uncertainty and isolation, people have even more incentive to seek escapism, pleasure and connection,” Richards said. “I’m not quite saying that sex work is inflation-proof or recession-proof, but there’s a reason that adult work has persisted throughout history and throughout many economic crises.”