How Much Money Can An OnlyFans Model Make?

So, you’ve decided to try OnlyFans and become a model. But how much money can you make on the platform?

That’s always the million-dollar question. Some models do exceptionally well, but much of it depends on whether they have the right support. Knowing what you’re doing is often only half the battle, even if you have plenty of talent.

How Much OnlyFans Models Make

The average amount OnlyFans models make is private knowledge. The platform does not release the figures.

However, estimates based on the brand’s revenues and percentage share of earnings passed onto creators suggest they earn around $180 monthly.

Note that this is the average figure across all accounts. Many are inactive, and the vast majority don’t receive support from an OnlyFans agency to help them drive higher numbers.

When you look more deeply at the question of how much OnlyFans models make – those who commit to turning it into a genuine source of income – the figures are higher. For example, Business Insider spoke to eight models and discovered they made between $143,000 and $5.4 million per year – fantastic earnings for any line of work.

Bryce Adams, one of the top models, revealed she earned over $9.6 million in a year from her efforts. And she managed to achieve that by creating just over 300 videos.

Overall the platform generated $5.6 billion in revenue shared across 3 million active creators. The platform takes 20% of the revenue with the models retaining the remaining 80% for themselves. This was surveyed from an audience of 250 people.

How Do OnlyFans Models Make Money?

OnlyFans gives models various pricing options for making money. Some content is free to access, while other types lie behind paywalls.

Most OnlyFans models make their money through subscriptions. Fans send creators cash tips because of the personal connection they feel with them.

These tips can often be large and that’s crucial for managing OnlyFans accounts. If you can leverage this income stream, it can increase your income significantly. Fans sometimes send huge sums of money to models to supplement their incomes.

OnlyFans models can also generate income via pay-per-view messages. These let fans chat with you for a fee. You can get them to pay per message – a great option when you become more established – or for a flat fee if you have more time.

You can also use this service to provide audiences with custom content they request. This approach lets you charge more for bespoke shows or images they request.

Of course, you need to be careful when deciding on pricing. Setting a higher bar to interact with you stops you from being overwhelmed with messages. You can reduce who you interact with or pass interactions to an OnlyFans management who can do some work for you.

Finally, you have the option to offer pay-per-view content. Subscribers must pay a fixed fee for access. Usually, you would put your most desirable videos or images behind these paywalls to encourage fans to send you money.

How To Make More Money On OnlyFans?

While many creators on OnlyFans generate content, only a tiny minority study what sells. Yet, it is these individuals who ultimately wind up being successful long-term.

If you want to be like the top creators and earn millions of dollars per year, you need to follow tried-and-tested strategies recommended by professional OnlyFans agencies.

But what can you do to drive more revenue and become successful in practice?

Understand Your Audience

OnlyFans audiences are quite diverse. After all, 250 million people now use the platform.

Therefore, you need to know your audience and what they want. If you can provide them with content that thrills and excites them, they are more likely to tip and pay for views.

An OnlyFans marketing agency can help you with this. Experts can drill down into your viewers’ preferences and characteristics and learn more about what they want. You can find out what they want to see and the types of interactions they want to have with you. This way, you don’t have to figure it all out yourself (which can be challenging and time-consuming).

Use A Subscription Strategy

Another tactic is to do what Big Tech companies like Netflix and Amazon do and get users to pay a subscription. Getting money every month is a highly effective way to generate sustainable revenue.

OnlyFans management can teach you how to maximize subscription opportunities and thrive in this competitive marketplace. Professionals can show you how to structure or tier your subscriber base to appeal to new and long-term fans. You’ll also learn about pricing structures that encourage audiences to sign up for longer, giving them a better deal. Ultimately, it should help you generate more revenue on a modest subscriber base.

Engage With Your Fans

You should also engage with fans to drive revenue and increase your income. If you can build relationships with your audience, you can become a top-tier earner on the site.

An OnlyFans manager can show you how to interact with fans to earn loyalty. You can learn what turns them on and keeps them returning to you for emotional reasons.

Many models have the raw talent to succeed on OnlyFans, but can’t transform that into deeper connections. Professionals can use tried-and-tested methods to change that dynamic and build business models that win.


Finally, it helps to do cross-promotions and collaborations on OnlyFans to generate more income. Using Twitter and YouTube to drive traffic to your OnlyFans pages is essential.

Working with other creators can also help. Establishing connections with their audiences builds your fanbase. You can tap into users who simply don’t know you yet but want to learn more about you.

Again, an OnlyFans manager can help with this. Professionals understand how to market on these platforms and make a success of them.

If you require OnlyFans agency management, talk to us today. We’d like to show you the ropes and help you get an advantage over everyone else using the platform. Once you have the proper techniques, you can start earning much more.