10 Quick Tips To Make Your OnlyFans Better

Tip 1: Set a welcome message

A really simple one to start off – make sure you have a welcome message ready to greet every sub. It doesn’t need to be something amazingly witty or super-hot. In fact, try to write something that is welcoming, friendly and just sounds genuine.

Everyone has a welcome message, but most sound really manufactured. It’s good if you can tease a little, and compliments are a good place to start – but keep them generic, so that they don’t sound fake.

A welcome message should be short, real-sounding and should give a little hint of what they can expect.

Tip 2: Make an intro video

On the note of helping to set expectations, an introduction video can really help manage your fans. You can post this as a welcome message when they subscribe or post it free as a tease to encourage people to sign up.

An intro video doesn’t need to give a lot away. It should be a bit of a tease, but it needs to be genuine too. Don’t allude to hardcore content if you’re not going to actually make any, because all that’ll do is annoy potential subscribers and have them cancelling any funds they’ve already given you, potentially opening up the refund option too.

So, a short video that hints at what the rest of your content will genuinely be like – perfect.

Tip 3: Post a mix of content – including non-sexual

One of the top tips for OnlyFans is to post regularly, just to show that your account is still active and to keep people hooked. Posting adult content every single day can be difficult, because what’s the new angle? What fresh content are you offering?

The best thing to do is mix up your adult content with more everyday stuff too. That doesn’t mean film yourself heading down to the store, but maybe just do a good morning video, or post a make-up shot as you’re on your way out the door for a night out.

People will invest in you and your content if they feel like they’re getting to know you. So get them hooked with as much ‘real life’ content as you want to share – without giving away any personal details you want to keep to yourself. Think of it as behind the scenes – a sneak peek into your world.

Tip 4: Optimize your posting times

There are two parts to this tip – optimizing both your time spent creating posts and the times that you release them.

Firstly, just because it’s a good idea to post content every day if you can, that doesn’t mean you need to be logging onto your laptop every single day to set it up. Pick a day, and schedule your posts for the week.

Not only does this save you time, it helps you create more variety – you can see what you’re posting each day, and make sure there’s a good mix. You don’t want to repeat a post on Saturday because you’ve forgotten what you put live the prior Tuesday.

Secondly, once you have your target audience, try to post in the early evening for them. That’s when they’re most likely to be online, and seeing brand new content has a certain thrill.

Tip 5: Watermark EVERYTHING

You need to make sure that your content is protected. Otherwise, there’s a chance someone could take your photos and videos and post them elsewhere. Once your content is available freely, then people don’t have a reason to pay for it.

You don’t need to watermark your content to get it taken down if it’s stolen but it makes it so much easier. Especially when you post anonymously without your face. Having a proper watermark helps to stop people from taking your content, and if they do you can prove it’s yours much easier, and get it taken down.

Tip 6: Theme content around the holidays

This is social media 101, but it works really well for platforms like OnlyFans too. Plan your content theming to fit around the holidays. Themed content can go a long way to keeping your photoshoots and videos fresh and it’s just more engaging.

Now you’ll want to be careful with certain family-themed holidays. A naughty Mrs Claus costume is fine, for example, but don’t push the boundaries too far or it might come across in bad taste.

And don’t just focus on the bigger holidays. While 4th July, Thanksgiving and New Year are easy targets, look for some more unique opportunities. There are some really weird and wonderful international holiday days out there if you look online.

Tip 7: Use stats to learn what’s working

OnlyFans gives you access to some stats to help you see how your page is performing. They aren’t super-detailed but they’re enough to see which posts are getting the most interactions. So use that information.

Look at what’s working, and what isn’t. What sort of content have you produced for these posts? What backgrounds did you use? How long were the videos? What time of the day did you post them?

Once you find a couple of common themes, post more to fit that style. Don’t go overboard – too much of a good thing will spoil it – but keep tracking what’s working and use it to plan your next posts.

Tip 8: Make the most of polls

The easiest way to find out what your subscribers want to see? Ask them. Polls are really simple to set up, and they can tell you loads.

The question might be something really simple, like asking whether your fans what nude photos or a video next. Or they could be almost review polls, asking people for their favorite angle of you from a past photoshoot.

These polls just tell you, in straightforward terms, what your audience wants to see. Give them what they want.

Tip 9: Reward your top subs

Over time, as you build up your subscriber base, you’ll start to get people who’ve been with you for the longest, or that tip you the most. These are your top subscribers and you should treat them as such.

They aren’t cash cows, so be kind to them, and send them treats and personalized messages. Throw them the occasional freebie, whether that’s a message you’d normally charge for or a photo that’s exclusive to them.

If they’re been willing to pay for you this far, it’s worth keeping them around.

Tip 10: Get subs talking about themselves

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you’re messaging a subscriber is to keep talking about yourself. Yes, they want to hear what you like, what you’ve been up to and so on. But any subscriber will feel special if you make it feel like you’re interested in them too.

Ask them questions, learn details about them – and for the top subscribers, remember those details if you can. Even if you need to start a notebook. By making it seem like they’re your favourite and you want to get to know them, you’ll keep them as a subscriber for life.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to building a successful OnlyFans career. Have you got any tips of your own to share? Get in touch if you do, and we’ll share the best ones.