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Ready to unlock your OnlyFans account’s full potential? Join Australia’s top-rated management agency and skyrocket your earnings with our elite team of experts. Partner with us today and join the ranks of creators earning millions per year!

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Our Winning Management Solution

1. Guided Content

Our team guides you on exactly what content to shoot so you can improve earnings with your OnlyFans account. This is your only job...

2. Revenue Formula

We implement our growth formula which consists of psychology and time-tested strategies to earn more from your Fans

3. Marketing Formula

We are on top of all the latest marketing trends to get your account booming. We do all the research, implementation and take advantage of social media platforms

4. Daily Management

We manage your profile and take care of everything from A to Z so you can focus on making amazing content while we grow your brand

OnlyFans Isn't Easy

Super Competitive

There are more than 2 million different creators on OnlyFans. How do you standout and keep subscribers?

No Strategy​

Most creators don't have a plan. They post content and hope to grow which doesn't work.

No Time

Don’t have time to post and answers fan messages to keep fans paying and engaged.

No Ideas

Running out of ideas for content and loosing your fans interest is a sure way to no grow and make money

No Engagement

Keeping your fans engaged and paying is not easy. Too often models lose fans and money


Looking to elevate your OnlyFans game to the next level? Look no further than Azzur Agency! Our trusted management team has been helping Australian creators succeed since day one, and we’re ready to help you thrive in 2023.

With a talented and diverse team of over 12 experts based around the world, including both male and female professionals, we know the ins and outs of the OnlyFans industry and are committed to your success.

Our comprehensive agency offers top-notch support, expertise, and structure to ensure your creator account performs at its highest level. And don’t just take our word for it – our creators earned over $2,000,000 in 2022 alone!

Ready to take your OnlyFans to the next level? Join Azzur Agency today and start seeing real results!

We know what works.

Our marketing team had tried and tested every OnlyFans promotion strategies. We know what works and make it easy for you to  to gain viral exposure via step by step processes

What Do We Do?

Do you feel stuck and not making enough money? We will fix that…


In short, you create content and we take care of everything else. 

Who Do We Work With?

Unlike agencies that only work with female creators, we work with anyone and every one based in Australia! Female, Gay, Bi, Trans, Lesbian 🏳️‍🌈 

What Makes Azzur Superior

Azzur Agency Is A Leader In The OnlyFans Management Space Because We Have Been In The Space Before Management Was A Know Industry. We Are The Agency Behind Some Of The Biggest OnlyFans Creators in Australia. We Pride Our Agency On Offering Professional, Reliable And Quality Services. 

“We Say No To Creators More Than We Say Yes…. If You Are Managed By Azzur You Are Among The Top Tier Creators”

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We understand you may have plenty of questions before arranging a call with our team. Our FAQ page should answer some of your questions and if it does not feel free to contact us.

No problem! We help launch creators OnlyFans careers all the time. We will set up your account and help you get into the top 1% in no time. 

Working with us is super simple. Your only job is to create content weekly and custom content when asked. We will do all the hard work. 

We do everything you can think of other than create content! 

Here is a quick list:

  • Daily OnlyFans Account Management
  • Content Schedule and guidance
  • Account posting and branding
  • 24/7 Account chatting
  • Monthly OnlyFans Account Audits
  • All your marketing and account promo
  • So much more!

Yes! You will have a few account managers that you will talk to daily. They will be constantly monitoring your account and you will be able to message them whenever you like for support. 

Our team is based in Australia and a few locations around the globe to provide 24/7 timezone chatting and monitoring. 

Our agency takes a commission split of all net revenue in return for our services. Our percentage/retainer depends on how big your account is. 

Our commission split is always mutually agreed upon and very fair. 

Once you submit your enquiry form, our team will review your OnlyFans/Instagram account. We will then reach out when you make it past our approval process and have a discovery call to learn more about your current account opporation.

Your account managers will run the OnlyFans account. They will post all main feed content, upload content and manage the chatting teams. 

You can chat with your manager via whatsApp daily and we schedule weekly calls. 

We cannot provide Tax advice but we can get you in touch with professionals.  

We give you a content schedules to create each week telling you exactly what to do. 

Our team are experts at viral marketing strategies across social media platforms. 

In addition we set up your account to increase conversions with strategic promotions and account branding. 

We send you a content creation schedule every week to create content. 

We request payouts weekly and you will be paid weekly.

Yes you will still own your content and account. 

You will have access to your account. 

Yes you can stop working with the agency with 30 days notice. 

Yes you will have an agreement with the agency that outlines our working relationship with you.

Yes depending on the size of your account it will have expert chatters replying to DM’s 

On average our creators make around $30k – $50k a month. 

You will be able to talk directly with your managers via WhatsApp

Our team can’t work with everyone. If you are rejected it might be because you account is too small. In this case please apply again or contact us as this will show us you are serious. 


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