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Our full-service agency provides the expertise, and structure you need to maintain high-performing creator accounts. 

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Brisbane, 2020

Our Story

At the end of 2021 long time friends and serial entrepreneurs were at a party in Brisbane where they struck up a conversation with a girl who was doing OnlyFans to pay her rent and was making $1,000 a month doing so. They asked “do you do all the work or do you have a manager” to which she replied, “I didn’t know that was a thing”. This was a light bulb moment and within 30 days of working with the newly founded Azzur Agency, she had made $16,000. 

Once Azzur Agency was born the pair of entrepreneurs realised the huge impact proper management and business expertise can have on creators’ accounts when applied. However, at the time OnlyFans management was often seen as “shady” business and no creators trusted management agencies. They set out to create an agency that had proper business strategies, and teams and offered support to creators. 

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